How Deep Are The Lakes?

Horcott Main Lake

From pegs 1 to 15 ,the average depth is 4ft ,there are some depressions in the main body ,but is mainly what we call the shallow side (bungalow bay).

Pegs 16 to 24 ,shallow until about 30 yards out then gradually lowers down to a average of 5ft,the further out you go you will notice it gets to around 6ft.

Pegs 25 to 31.Deeper margins and generally the same throughout, regarded as the deeper side of lake. Average depths of 7 to 8 ft, with lovely holes in the weed during the summer.

Peg 31 to 39 .Average depths of 6ft in the main body. The margin all long the scout bank drop drown to around 7ft pretty much off the rod tips (the fish do patrol up and down here (ideal for piking in winter )

Peg 40 to 42. 6 ft to 3ft,egg boxy structure, some lovely gravel humps not far out ,and tree line to left in 41 also drops down and not to be ignored.

Pegs 43,44 & 45.main body in front is around 5 to 6ft.Deep margins are favoured for the pike anglers, but carp are also spotted swimming along the margin slope.


Tench Lake

The tench lake is generally shallow in the summer months with a average depth of 4ft ,shallow areas up top end where the islands are ,is usally 3ft verses bottom end drops to 5ft (pegs 3 & 4).


Scout Lake

The scout lake is generally 8ft all over ,the middle of lake does have a 10ft depression ..the top side of the lake (end peg) does feature a nice rising gravel bar which is approx. 20ft long and comes up to 4ft.

The carp are quite often spotted close in ,so do not ignore the margins in the warmer months.

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