Horcott Lakes are all well established ex gravel pits mainly dug in the 60’s so yes weed is present but the fish love it!

In the summer months when the weed is flourished this a great natural larder for the carp so don’t be afraid to fish into it. 

All swims have clear areas, be it silt or gravel making it makes it ideal to present a rig. Have a good lead around and within a few casts you will find a fishable area. Remember to speak to the bailiffs as they are their to help you and point you in the right direction.

Horcott Main Lake

From pegs 1 to 15 ,the average depth is 4ft ,there are some depressions in the main body ,but is mainly what we call the shallow side (bungalow bay).

Pegs 16 to 24 ,shallow until about 30 yards out then gradually lowers down to a average of 5ft,the further out you go you will notice it gets to around 6ft.

Pegs 25 to 31.Deeper margins and generally the same throughout, regarded as the deeper side of lake. Average depths of 7 to 8 ft, with lovely holes in the weed during the summer.

Peg 31 to 39 .Average depths of 6ft in the main body. The margin all long the scout bank drop drown to around 7ft pretty much off the rod tips (the fish do patrol up and down here (ideal for piking in winter )

Peg 40 to 42. 6 ft to 3ft,egg boxy structure, some lovely gravel humps not far out ,and tree line to right in 41 also drops down and not to be ignored.

Pegs 43,44 & 45.main body in front is around 5 to 6ft.Deep margins are favoured for the pike anglers, but carp are also spotted swimming along the margin slope.


Tench Lake

The tench lake is generally shallow in the summer months with a average depth of 4ft .Shallow areas up top end where the islands are is usually 3ft, verses bottom end slowly drops to 5ft (pegs 3 & 4).


Scout Lake

The scout lake is generally 8ft all over ,the middle of lake does have a 10ft depression ..the top side of the lake (end peg) does feature a nice rising gravel bar which is approx. 20ft long and comes up to 4ft.

The carp are quite often spotted close in ,so do not ignore the margins in the warmer months.

Day ticket arrivals are 7am.

24/48/72 etc tickets start at 1pm. You can arrive 11.30 onwards to look around and visit shop etc. Anyone on a night ticket arriving before 11.30 will be asked to leave and come back.

Scout lake sessions are 10am to 10am ,you can arrive from 9 onwards.

Yet another question that gets asked everyday is “what are the best swims mate?”

Do not come to Horcott with a swim in your mind, location is key, fish have fins and move around a lot so spend plenty of time looking and using your watercraft.

Each swim is as good as the other on the right day.

A question we get asked a lot is what are the best rigs to use.

Rig use is a personal choice, But what we have found is the simpler the better.

A Simple knotless knot coated hook length with 30mm stripped back on a size 6 curve shank hook without doubt is a tried and trusted method that puts carp in your net.

How many wraps is a swim dependent question, some are short – some are long.

The bailiffs on site are the best source for inside knowledge and more than happy to hand out advice.

The onsite tackle shop is open 9am – 4pm every day.

Dogs are allowed but MUST be on a lead and in control at all times. Anyone with their dog off the lead will be told to leave immediately. 

Non fishing guests are allowed but must purchase a guest ticket when with a paying angler. These can be purchased through the booking site when the angler is buying his ticket. 

Another question we get asked a lot is what are the best baits to use at Horcott Lakes.

All high quality boilies will work although fish location is paramount. 

Facebook and Instagram posts all contain recent tactics and bait used, so always worth looking through the posts for a general idea on what’s working at the time.


Fish captures can be seasonal in certain areas of the lake.

Winter months you will find most of them being caught between peg 16 and 37.

In Spring, Summer & Autumn the fish are well spread around the lake so getting your location and water craft right is the key.

The carp can also put on a good display and give themselves away to where they are, so keep your eyes peeled.

We sell a range of boilies, pellets, stick mixes, pop-ups ect in our tackle shed.

We also do a range of prepared particle that can be ordered through the website.

Unfortunately we do not sell maggots ,worms or pike baits

Unfortunately we are limited on takeaways services in Fairford.

We highly recommend Spikes Diner (burgers,fries,nuggets etc), they deliver to the main gate.

Khushi (curry house) in Lechlade delivers to the gate.

Fairford town centre is a 5 minute drive from the lake in which there is a Chinese, chip shop, curry king, kebab and pizza house. These all within walking distance of each other along with a Budgens and a small Co-Op.