*About The Main Lake*

Described by many as the jewel in the crown of the complex, The Main Lake spans over 22 acres and is a specimen carp water of epic proportions.

A typical Cotswold gravel pit, the Main Lake is home to no less than 800 carp, with most averaging in the 30lb bracket, with a huge head of upper 20lb carp, approximately fifty different 30lb fish and the lake record that currently stands over 40lb! Gin clear, and with depths averaging between, 5ft-6ft this is a serious carp angler’s dream, with an array of features to target including, gravel bars, gullies and weed beds, so remember to bring your marker rod!

Offering 45 swims around its rich and mature banks, The Main Lake is the perfect venue for avid carp anglers to test their skills and bank some of the most stunning carp in the UK.



Horcott Lakes Main Lake Map


The Main lake is a typical big fish water that reacts to a wide array of methods including, beds of good quality boilies, pellets or even particles.

Also, anglers have done extremely well fishing single bite tactics like Solid PVA bags, these are particularly productive once the weed has taken hold for anglers wishing to fish amongst the weed as opposed to finding clear spots to present a bait.

The bailiff’s Top Tip for fishing the Main Lake is location, spend as much time as you can spare finding the fish, and even once set up if you feel the fish have moved or are actively seeing them somewhere else be prepared and make the effort to move.